2011 Flat Rock Cellars Gravity Pinot Noir

What can $30 bucks buy you that will stand out a bit from the crowd? Honestly, when it comes to wine, $30 can get you (at last count) 237 good bottles of wine (note: that figure was entirely made up). I think thirty is the figure where anyone walking into a wine store should walk out with a good bottle of wine. If you don’t, you’ve been robbed. This review will be short, however John has covered, in the past, a review on Flat Rock Cellars estate Pinot Noir. This review is for their bottle of Gravity, one of 4 higher end pinots that the vineyard produces. The winemaker calls this their “Best of the Best”, where the other 3 are all single vineyard pinots, designed to show off wine-making skills and terroir.

A vibrant red colour and a sharp berries hit your nose as you decant it. The nose stays on the berries, primarily raspberries and blackberries. The 18 months in French oak are present with vanilla and cinnamon flavours with hints of earthiness. While the winemaking is considered to be on the gentle side, this is still a medium body red that is consistent with a good finish length. The alcohol content is lower than what you would expect (12.5%) and the wine drinks older than it is. This is a very solid wine that displays everything you want in a “drink now” wine for the holiday season. Enjoy!

The CWG Subjective Rating is 89 out of 100.



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