2009 TAWSE David’s Block Cabernet Merlot

A small jaunt into the cellar for a wine to pair with lamb chops I decided on this wine. I’ll admit it was on the first shelf I went to and it hit what I was looking for: red, dominating and a bit younger. Lamb can so often be overwhelming on wines, as it is a bold meat that takes over meals. To avoid this I often pair it with younger full-bodied and complex wines. TAWSE consistently produces solid Cabernet Merlots blends from their David’s Block. Blends of Cabernet Franc and Merlot that match the above criteria as well as hold up to their value when compared to their lofty price.

This is a short review to say, if you can, go get a bottle or 10 of these, the technical term for the experience is “yummy”. In all seriousness the nose was bold, with black cherry and tobacco. The colour deep and red. Initial sips gave a wine with much to offer, prominent tannins, great stone fruit, and a hint of vanilla. The Wine continued along these lines with it not softening terribly over the course of the meal. The red cherry and tobacco returned and hints of vanilla stayed on the even finish. This wine is a great drink now and it may have 1-4 years left to change during cellaring, though, I am not sure a change will be for the better. This is a very good wine.

The CWG Subjective Rating is 91 out of 100.



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