2011 Kacaba Cab/Syrah

I love Kacaba, they are doing some great work! I last reviewed the 2008 Cab/Syrah and enjoyed it, so I looked forward t trying thsi one. I found it a bit harsh when I first tried in May of 2013 it at the winery (too young) so I decided to let it age a bit. Dark in color with a nice nose of black berries. On the mid pallet the wine displays some lovely rich black berries to match the nose. On the medium length finish the wine displays some lovely tannins, some nice dryness and some nice peppery notes. I quite enjoyed this wine and any harshness has gone away. I would give it an 89 or so. Very nice. $18.95 a bottle at the winery (Not at the LCBO). The 2013 is being released soon. I can’t wait!


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