2008 Ravine Vineyards Reserve Cabernet Franc

A funny start to this wine which was purchased in August of 2011: after uncorking, the flow out of the bottle was unusually slow, upon closer inspection, the neck had significant sediment built up that it was actually slowing the flow, not sure I have ever had that before.

Ever since the first visit to the vineyard, Ravine has remained a quirky favourite of mine. I love their restaurant and I believe their wines show great promise. This is NOT a cheap wine to be thinking ‘promise’, you can buy some very good, nay great, wines in the $50-59 range that this one falls into. Ravine Vineyards, like many Ontario wineries, often have a hard time selling their higher end wines at prices which are priced according to effort, labour and love. Rightfully or wrongfully, the market is saturated with wines from the ‘old worlds’ in the price range that will all but guarantee you an excellent drinking experience. So why take a risk with Canadian wines in the same price range? Because you can be rewarded with something worth well and above the price tag, all while ignoring the easy reasons: supporting a dedicated and professional industry. So how does this $55 Ontario Cabernet Franc do? Read on!

The colour and nose show good age with a nice brown hue and earthy notes. The first few sips are odd, they have a light start and strong finish indicating that maybe a decant was needed. The fruit is instant with raspberries consuming you. Slight hints of licorice and pepper are evident. Past the initial reaction the wine actually settles down wonderfully. Acid levels are calm while tannins are firm but not overwhelming. The fruit is consistent but not overwhelming and the pepper, spice and smokiness compliment what turns out to be a very even keeled wine. The finish is nice and long without being a nuisance. This cabernet franc is excellent, it is complex enough to satisfy those who want something big for their money, yet subtle enough to please the more discerning pallet looking for nuances in every sip. A solid offering from a ‘promising’ vineyard.

The CWG Subjective Rating is 89 out of 100.



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