Monitoring your blood alcohol level

This isn’t exactly a wine post but I thought I would share anyway. For those of you subscribed on my tech blog I apologize this is a cross post. Given the topic of wine I thought I would share 🙂

Everyone knows drinking and driving is a problem. So keeping an eye on your blood alcohol level is very important. In this post I am going to cover two methods. Neither is perfect. Neither is legal. Both of which can be used as tools. First off Alcodroid is an Android app. The way it works is you enter every time you take a drink. It’s flexible in that it allows you define whatever you want in terms of a drink as presets. This then calculates a blood alcohol level based on an algorithm. It takes into account your sex and weight. The program assumes you drink the whole thing the moment you enter it and then the blood alcohol level comes down from there. Of course this isn’t the way your body works but it is about the only way to do it. The program also keeps a running toll of what you have drank. It also can display statistics such as average number of drinks, number of dry (no alcohol) days and many other stats. The program is VERY well done. It also works fine under BB10 and fairly well even on the odd size screen of the Q10. How accurate the program is at tracking your blood alcohol level I can’t say, and remember this is not legally admissible.


The second device is a keychain sized blood alcohol meter called BAC Track. This device is handy in how small and portable it is. In the instructions it says clearly that you need to wait 20 minutes after eating or drinking anything before using it. I have found this to be VERY true. The number you get otherwise is just not reasonable. If you do, interestingly enough I find both these methods actually come up with VERY similar numbers! Wow.


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