Orpailleur Rouge 2010

We went snowboarding at Mont Sutton and saw a bunch of winery signs so decided to dip in and check out wine from the region. Quebec does not export much (if any) of it’s wine to Ontario so I had no idea what they were doing in the region. This particular wine is largely made of Frontenac grapes. A hearty grape from the University of Minnesota’s arsenal. I first encountered these at Hoity Toity cellars. Dark in color with a mild nose. On the mid pallet the wine displays some red berries, nothing particularly jumping out at me. The finish is on the lighter side of medium in length with not a lot going on. Tannins and dryness are negligible. This is by no means a horrible wine, but by no means a good one either. At $15.60 a bottle I would not be jumping to buy more. I would give it an 87 or so. Don’t pair this with anything too hearty or you won’t be tasting the wine at all.

From the winery’s web site:
Orpailleur Rouge
Grapes varieties : Blend of frontenac, marechal foch and black seyval
SAQ code: 00743559
Description :

Intense red shade colour. The nose is powerful and emanate main aromas of cherry. Peovy and currant scents.
This red wine as light tannins. The aromas leads to the same perceived flavors of small red berries. Soft palate followed by a persistent final touch.

Percentage of alcohol/format:
11,5 % / vol. /750 ml
Serving temperature : 14 à 16°C
First vintage: 1998
Recommended storage : 2 years after release

Serving suggestions :
Perfect pairing with red meat, grilled food, pâtés and cheese.


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