2011 Ca’ Momi Cab sauv Mini review

Dark in color with a lovely nose of red berries and cherries coming through, typical of a Napa Cab. On the mid pallet the wine displays cherries, cassis and red berries to match the nose. On the medium length finish the wine displays some acidity and some spice. This isn’t the most fruit forward cab but it is quite nice. I would give it 6 months or so in the cellar or a bit of breathing to help the acidity die down and allow the fruit to shine through.

From the LCBO web site:
CA’ MOMI CABERNET SAUVIGNON 2011 VINTAGES 315002 | 750 mL bottle Price $ 21.95
Made in: California, USA By: Ca’Momi
Release Date: Jan 4, 2014
13.9% Alcohol/Vol. Style: Full-bodied & Smooth Sugar Content: 8 g/L Sweetness Descriptor: D – Dry

Napa Valley is without doubt one of the world’s top-flight Cabernet Sauvignon regions. Napa’s success is partially due to its near-matchless capacity to consistently articulate Cabernet’s hallmark cassis notes. This example, from Ca’ Momi, is an incredible value for Napa Cabernet, and profoundly demonstrates the region’s distinctive ability to produce exquisite expressions of Cabernet that are loaded with fruit, depth, complexity and, of course, cassis notes aplenty.


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