2010 7 Deadly Zins Zinfandel

Dark in color with a lovely red berry nose, a little on the milder side and even some jammy notes coming through. On the mid pallet the wine displays some nice slightly jammy flavors, black berries, and some plums. The fruit comes out very nicely as it breaths. On the finish there’s some firm tannins, some acidity, some smokey notes, some oak and even some herbaceous notes coming through. This is a nice wine with a nice bit of complexity and nice dryness. It starts off fruit forward and then comes through in the end on the finish. The fruit flavors in the wine wine opened up as it breathed. This wine needs to either breath or age, it`s just too young to be appreciated in all it`s layers! I would give it an 89 or so. We paired it with a BBQ striploin steak and chocolate brownies and it went well, holding it`s own!

From the LCBO web site:
7 DEADLY ZINS OLD VINE ZINFANDEL VINTAGES 59311 | 750 mL bottle Price $ 24.95
Made in: California, USA By: Michael David Vineyards
Release Date: Apr 18, 2012

Style: Full-bodied & Smooth 14.5% Alcohol/Vol. Sweetness Descriptor: D – Dry

Zinfully delicious Cali Zinfandel that features all you are looking for in the state’s classic variety. The aromas suggest plum, black cherry, vanilla and spice cupboard. A fruity, rich, vibrant wine that is a perfect choice for discerning Zinfandel drinkers. it will be a happy partner for steaks or meat-based pasta dishes.


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