Megalomaniac winery visit and 2011 Reserve Riesling

I decided to checkout the Megalomaniac winery this time around, I’ve not been here before. To be honest, the name puts me off. “Mr Howard” as they refer to him in the store use to be a part owner at Vineland before he sold it off and then later opened this winery. As you drive up you encounter what could best be described as a bomb shelter like front to the tasting room and working winery. They are rebuilding the tasting room upstairs given they have outgrown the current setup. There’s lots of concrete, lots of stainless steel and in all it has a very industrial cold feel to it. For me, it’s not really to my tastes. None the less onto the wines. The wines are named equally eccentrically including Big Mouth Red Narcissist Riesling, Bravado Cab etc. I would have to say for me, this is an in your face experience that would have to create exceptional wines to make me overcome this approach.

2011 Reserve Riesling
Pale in color with a slight nose of apples. The wine is slightly effervescent on the front of the tongue but this passes quickly. The wine displays some nice minerality on the mid pallet and is a nice dry Riesling. The wine is medium in length on the finish with some tongue grip and some citrus coming through. I would give this an 88 or so. At $27.95 there are way better Rieslings out there for a whole lot less money. If I were you … I’d look elsewhere.

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