2008 Ridgepoint Riesling

Back in 2010 I visited the winery and picked up this wine as well as wrote it up. This has become one of my favorite Rieslings. I pulled this one out of the cellar the other day and decided to see how it’s holding up. I’m pleased to tell you it is holding up very well.

Pale in color with a lovely varietal nose for a Rielsing, some honey suckle and a bit of sugar coming through. On the mid pallet the wine is getting a little bit thicker in texture and the sugars and fruit are still nicely there. This is not as dry as a Kabinett but no where near as sweet as a Spatlese, right in between. This is a very food friendly wine. At the time I paid $15.26 for it and it is well worth it. I would give it an 89-90 still. Yumm. Well done Ridgepoint!

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