Rivera Cappellaccio Riserva Aglianico 2005

Dark in color with a classic deep Italian nose of red berries. On the mid pallet on first opening this wine displays some strong acidity and some noticeable alcohol. This fades relatively quickly with some in glass breathing. 1/2 hour in the decanter would do the trick. Your left with some lovely some red berries, and some dried fruits in classic Italian style. On the finish the wine displays some solid tannins, some nice dryness. It’s best experienced without food, and some acidity that coats the mouth. This is a nice wine and goes well with hearty meals. We paired it with a well marbled striploin and the dryness was less noticeable. It complemented the meat well. I would give it an 89-90. Quite complex. All traces of this wine on the LCBO web site seem to be gone. I paid $19.95. Not bad at all …

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