Closson chase (Winery visit in Prince Edward County)

This write up is from our trip summer 2010 to the Prince Edward County area. See the entire article at my Prince Edward County trip blog

None of these are in the LCBO (for now).

Closson Chase

We encountered a very enthusiastic wine lover behind the counter and he imparted a lot of knowledge of their design points with which they use to make their wines. They use minimum fining, filtering, yiests etc and try and go for as natural a process as the area will allow. The tasting is the most expensive one we encountered. $10 for a flight of three and the price is not waved even if you buy a bottle.

2008 ccv sans Chene $25 Unoaked
Right on the bouquet you could get the tart minerality. Slightly Chard in flavor.

2007 CCV South Clos Chard $39.95 Oaked
This wine on the bouqet is spot on Chard. A lovely Chard fruit flavor on the mid pallet and then the typical tartness on the finish. This is one of the better Chards I had in the county and in spite of the high price, I bought it for it’s uniqueness. I personally wonder if given a year or two of aging if the two flavors will start to meld together. The fellow behind the counter thought it might age 5-7 years.

2006 Closson Chase Chard (VQA Beamsville)
A very light chard with nothing particularly distinctive to it.

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