2007 Stratus Red

I am a bit time constraint but I wanted to get out review of another 2007 Niagara Bordeaux style blend. With four recent reviews from the same vintage it would be a disservice to the readers not to cover the finer points of this bottle from Stratus Vineyards. This wine falls into a very similar price point of 3 of the 4 recent wines at $44; while this seems normal it should be noted that I find Stratus wines to be consistently overpriced. Take away the fancy cellar door and very slick labeling/marketing and I still find these well crafted wines to be 10-20% higher then similar peers. This wine however is considered their “signature” red wine, so the price when compared to other “top end” wines is not truly out of whack. I know, I was just a bit wishy washy about price, if I had been talking to you in person I would simply shrug my shoulders at this stage and quickly change the subject!

The wine, yes enough blabber, the wine looks almost exactly like the past four Bordeaux-esque wines we have reviewed, inky red with good purple to it. The nose is muted, or better put the nose is nothing overwhelming. The first few sips yield a softer than expected wine with medium tannins and a quick finish. The fruit is a tad muted and overall the wine is nice but not overwhelming. After experiencing their Petit Verdot I was expecting much more of everything: longer finish, bold fruit, and strong tannins. This is a drink now wine and if you have only one do not wait or forget about it or else you may find it disappearing on you.

The CWG Subjective Rating is 86 out 100.



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