NHL Alumni Hat Trick Wines

I tasted these two at the Toronto Wine and Spirits festival. Ok, I have to admit it, I’m a sucker for the whole NHL Alumni thing. Brings back fond memories of when I was a kid and hockey players did it because of their love of the game. So I tried both of these wines … These wines are made from grapes bought on the open market, they have no vineyards of their own (or so I was told). I have to admit, I’m never a fan of this kind of winery. Now that said, there are lots of wines that come from France from wineries that do exactly that. They call them Negotiants.

Hat Trick Red:
Dark in color with a mild nose. On the mid pallet there are some red berries coming through. The wine is on the lighter side of medium in finish there are some tannins as well. To be honest there is not a lot going on in this wine. I would call it plonk. But then again what do you expect for $12.95. I would give it an 87-88. Not terrible, but not great either. Check LCBO stock.

Hat Trick White:
Pale in color with a mild nose. On the mid pallet this wine is a light easy drinking summer sipper. Refreshing and easy with not a lot going on. Very mild on the finish. If your looking for something cheap, this may just fit the bill. I would give it an 87 or so. Again, nothing awful but nothing amazing either. Check LCBO stock.

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