When I walk into an LCBO I’ve generally done my homework. I’ve researched what I want to buy, checked to see which stores have it and read the reviews. Every now and then I take a flyer and try something with absolutely no prior knowledge. Think of it as my equivalent to running with scissors! Remember that old Sprint commercial … most for the least! That’s my motto. So when I was walking through my LCBO the other day I saw a Barbaresco for $16.50 and thought hmmm … I wonder. So with that in mind I grabbed it. Let the chaos and mayhem ensue!

For those that don’t know a Barbaresco is an Italian wine made with the Nebbiolo grape. The same one used in Barolos.

This wine is slightly garnet in color with a mild nose of red berries. On the mid pallet this wine has some round red berries to go with the nose. The place a Nebbiolo shines is on the finish. This wine displays some lovely dry pucker power that builds in the mouth backed up by some mild acidity and some nice complexity. Alcohol and oak are well under control. For the price this wine is not a bad value at all. While not as good as a vintages essential I really enjoy Castello Di Neives for the money it’s quite good! I would give it an 89-90. I paired it with a beef ravioli with a tomato sauce and it held up very well.

From the LCBO web site:
UMBERTO FIORE BARBARESCO DOCG LCBO 254870 | 750 mL bottle Price: $ 16.50
Wine, Red Wine 13.5% Alcohol/Vol.

Made in: Piedmont, Italy By: Manfredi/Umberto Fiore S.P.A.

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