2009 J. Lohr Riverstone Arroyo Chard

We had this as a reception wine at the Society for American Wine annual cab tasting event. Brett and I attended this one together. This wine is quite golden in color with a mild nose with some citrus and minerality coming through. On the mid pallet this wine is dominated by some strong acidity, tart grapefruit flavors that grip the tongue. The acidity over powers an underlying fruity chard that displays some toasty notes. The wine is medium in length again dominated by acidity. The wine improved as it warmed up, it was served way too cold. I find a number of chards really don’t do well when they are served too cold. I would give this wine an 87 or so. This wine is about $20, but for my money there are much better chards out there. I also don’t think this would be a very food friendly wine. Too tart. A better chard to my tastes for example, from Niagara the Inniskillin Three Vineyards Chard has become one of my regular wines. Goes amazingly with scallops!

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