2010 Calamus Pinot Gris

If you are looking for 3100 Glen Road in Jordan, take your time and try not to think about roads changing names or bending, all of this may lead you to not making it to Calamus Estate Winery. If it was possible for civic planners to hide an address, or at least disguise it, the folks who put together the road system in and around the vineyard almost succeeded. Nestled beside the Ball’s Falls Conservation area (yes there is a joke in there somewhere) the scenery alone is worth the drive up to taste one of Niagara’s little wineries.

Derek Saunders and his wife Pat Latin started Calamus in 1999 with their purchase of 14 acres, since that time they have followed their own path. With an interesting name (Calamus means arrow or some may also say ‘reed pen’) and an onsite observatory this is not a winery run by a large company. Having met both in person and taken time out to hear their story and their passion, I can honestly say that the vineyard is on good footing as well as direction. But what about their wine? Let’s move on to the tasting.

Pinot Gris, as per the owners, is Calamus’ signature wine and the 2010 we had was suggested with pride. Its pale straw like colour was accompanied by gentle citrus notes. A few swirls and the citrus fruits are in your nostrils and waiting to jump out at you. But funny enough they do not overwhelm on the first few sips. A good even acidity follows the lime and grapefruit and the wine shows an even balance. The more we got into the wine the more we noticed peach and softness the first few sips did not deliver. Light mineral notes seep into your mouth and we started to notice a tad bit of floral notes. For a Pinot Gris we were pleasantly surprised and can say that for the price point ($17.20) it is clear why Pat and Derek are fond of this wine. If you are looking for a gentle start to your dinner party or a wine to sip and enjoy the last of summer you will not go wrong with this wine.

The CWG Subjective Rating is 87 out of 100.


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