1994 S. Osvaldo Pinot Bianco

A little while ago my GF’s brother gave us a few bottles of wine that had been in his basement for a VERY long time. The first one a 2000 Pelee Island Monarch Vidal turned out to be quite enjoyable. He also gave us two VERY old Pinot Biancos. Now the varietal would not seem to be one I would think of as ageable. But then I was surprised by the Vidal … The wine had turned a color somewhere between yellow and orange. I would expect this started out as more of a pale almost Sauv blanc shade. Popping the cork it was still in tact with no nasty odors or colors on it. Pouring it into the glass it seemed a little thick, almost syrupy. On the nose the wine was dominated by alcohol, which was shocking given it started out at only 12.5%. So onto the tasting. I tried a little sip … and thus the excitement was lost. What was left was somewhere between a vinegar and a vermouth. Not being a vermouth drinker I was not enjoying it at all. So sadly, after being neglected for so long … it went down the drain. Ah alcohol wasted. It’s a sad day … It’s good my priest isn’t Irish or I’d be banished 🙂 The quest was an interesting one. Seems the LCBO don’t carry this one any more. Shame, it would have been interesting to see what it once tasted like …


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