2000 Pelee Island Monarch Vidal

Yes you read the year right … Back in Engineering (surely by now you’ve figured out I am an Engineer not an English major :)) one of the lessons we were taught was to not let what you know (or think you know) get in the way of what you don’t. A valuable lesson I try to take to heart. So my GF’s brother had this bottle in his basement for a LONG time. When I had a look at it the color had turned almost orange. There was a ring of sediment on the bottom of it. I thought to myself what are the chances that a $9 bottle of wine is drinkable this many years later. But I gave it a try anyway. When I opened it the cork was in tact, looked fine and smelled fine. Golden in color with a nose that is slightly sweet, slightly floral and absolutely fine. I was shocked. On the mid pallet the wine displays characteristic slightly sweet flavors. Nothing over the top and not vinegary at all. On the finish the wine has some alcohol present with a medium length tartness. I couldn’t get any oak at all, not sure if this was oaked. I was shocked to discover that this wine was quite reasonable. I would give it an 88 or so. Vidal is the grape commonly (although not exclusively in Icewine).

From the LCBO web site:
PELEE ISLAND MONARCH VIDAL VQA LCBO 393405 | 750 mL bottle Price: $ 8.95

Wine, White Wine 12.2% Alcohol/Vol. Sugar Content : 2
This is a VQA wine

Made in: Ontario, Canada By: Pelee Island Vineyard Inc.

Tasting Note
Pale straw yellow; light floral aroma; fresh citrus flavour with balanced acidity

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