This is a little off topic, a friend gave me one of these. It is a beer that has been aged in 21 year old single malt Scotch Whiskey barrels. The beer is red in color. The color looks a little like a scotch. It is lightly carbonated. On the nose you can get some alcohol and typical beer bouquet. On the mid pallet is a lovely and smooth pale ale with some traditional malt flavors coming through and some sweetness. On the finish the beer has a nice smooth taste with some alcohol present but this beer does not give away the whopping 7.1% it has. All in all this was an interesting experience. I somewhat expected this to be like dropping a shot in a beer. BUt it was nothing at all like that. The casks do impart a nice bit of complexity to what is a good beer. I will have to try the non aged one for reference. Give it a try it’s quite interesting! Thanks Neil!

From the side of the box:
Color: Auburn
Nose: Malty, heather flowers and a hint of vanilla
Palate: Deep smooth and complex. Intense malt, marzipan and candied fruits mellowing to a get hop bitterness with a hint of roast malt character.
Finish: Creamy and mellow like hot buttered fruit toast.

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