I first tasted this wine at an Aussie wine event … It is pale in color mild on the nose with some citrus coming through. The paleness leads me to expect this to be a milder chard and the pallet matched the expectations. On the mid pallet the wine is a middle of the road chard with some varietal chard coming through with some citrus, lemon flavors. On the finish the wine is also middle of the road with it being on the lighter side of medium. On the back of the bottle they say 1/2 of the wine received oak aging and half did not and that totally matches what you get on this one. You can taste some oak and oak imparted flavors a hint of butter but very mild. If your looking for a huge big California style chard you will be disappointed. If your looking for a crisp Chablis French style Chard you will also be disappointed. This is right in the middle of the two. So it depends on your tastes as to whether you will enjoy the wine. I liked it, and I would give it an 88. Gemtree seem to be making some good wines with good value in the equation. I last blogged about their Tadpole Shiraz which was lovely and good deal for the money.

From the LCBO web site:
GEMTREE CITRINE CHARDONNAY 2009 VINTAGES 138305 | 750 mL bottle Price: $ 17.95
Wine, White Wine 13.0% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content : D

Made in: South Australia, Australia
By: Gemtree Vineyards

Release Date: Jul 24, 2010

‘Gemtree makes wine from estate-grown fruit … their focus appears to be on making quality wine as the new Gemtree collection is filled with outstanding value from top to bottom.’ (Jay Miller,, Dec. 2009)

Tasting Note
Pleasant citrus nose, with aromas of lemon, lime and lychee. The zesty citrus continues on the palate, joined by flavourful notes of tart green melon and juicy pear. All the flavours culminate in a lovely finish, with a touch of spearmint. Enjoy it tonight with a grilled vegetable frittata, or some shrimp penne with pesto sauce. (VINTAGES panel, Sept. 2009)
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