Jackson-Triggs 2007 Delaine Vineyard Merlot

My regular readers know I am hung up on a narrow definition of what I think a Merlot ought to taste like. Sometimes I am able to decouple from that and just enjoy the wine. To enjoy this one you are going to have to do that. The wine bears no resemblance to a Merlot for me. Not on the nose, mid pallet or the finish. Now that we have that ought of the way … the wine is deep in color. On the nose are some reasonably nice cab like smells. Black fruits, some cherries etc. On the mid pallet are some nice rich black fruits to match the nose and again some cherries. On the finish the wine has some nice tannins, some pucker power and a dryness that builds in the mouth. I would even go so far as to say chaulkyness. It was pointed out by one of the folks I was chatting with while tasting it, and she was right. Thanks Ellie. All in all this is an interesting wine. I enjoyed it. I would give it an 88-89 or so. Unfortunately it is not in the LCBO so a trip out to the winery will have to be endured!

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