Strewn Chardonnay 2007 Amalgam Terroir

Tasted this wine at the iYellow 44 wine event on May 26th. The wine is quite yellow in color with a large nose showing off a well baked Chard … On the mid pallet are some chard flavors coupled with butter, popcorn, vanilla and oak. On the finish the wine is on the heavier side of medium with creamyness coming out. This is a big Californian style Chard. This is the kind of wine some people would call “over baked”. It is heavily crafted for sure. Lots of time in oak and some time on the lees. If you like this style of chard this is a good one. I would give it a solid 89. It is not in the LCBO but goes for $25.15 at the winery. Did I mention it’s a big wine 🙂

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