Ratings are a subjective thing. There are raters that I find I align with very well, and raters whose tastes are very different than mine. The key is finding the difference. Gord Stimmel and I taste VERY differently. That’s just one of those things. When I saw this one I thought, heh, give it a try. Every now and then Gord and I like the same wine. I would love to say that was the case, but that just ain’t gonna happen with this one, but I am getting ahead of myself. On the nose the wine has some really distinct wood, and some black fruit. On the mid pallet are some varietal snagiovese flavors but they are quite overwhelmed. On the finish the wine is dominated by wood, and a strong alcohol flavors. The tastes did not improve at all with breathing. Even two days later the wine had not improved. This is one of the first wines in a while I fed to the fish (poured down the drain). I have no idea what Gord tasted, or what appealed to him, but this is the kind of flavors I would expect in an $8 or $9 bottle of wine. If were to give this an 86 I would be out on a limb. I suspect by now you are gathering I won’t be running out to grab more of these and you would be spot on!

From the LCBO web site:
GIORDANO VESPERO 2005 VINTAGES 72421 | 750 mL bottle Price: $ 16.95
Wine, Red Wine, 13.5% Alcohol/Vol. Sugar Content : XD

Made in: Tuscany, Italy By: F. Giordano S.P.A.

Release Date: Jan 9, 2010

Tasting Note
This Tuscan IGT red is 100 per cent sangiovese. Aromas are subtle, with tea leaf, black cherry and exotic spice. The flavours are sumptuously styled, with black cherry, sandalwood and blueberry depth. Food suggestion: Tomato and sausage penne. Score – 90. (Gordon Stimmell, The Toronto Star, Sept. 20, 2008)

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