This wine caught my attention as a Bordeaux under $20 with a good write up. The prices on Bordeaux’s are really continuing to creep up there. The wine is quite dark in color with a note of oak and black fruit on the nose. On the mid pallet there are some very distinct sharp flavors coming from deep cherries and the like. Then comes the finish. If you like your wines smooth and easy drinking … this so is not a wine for you! This is a big bruiser. Wimps need not apply. The finish is dominated by some lovely thick pallet sticking tannings and some puckering dryness. This is a bold Bordeaux. The finish seems to me to be dominated by Cab Franc (although I am not sure there is any in it). There is a hint of alcohol on the finish but nothing too overwhelming. The wine is quite complex as well with lots of layers of flavors going on in your mouth and on the long finish. Wow, very nice 90-91 in my boat. Yum … Be sure and try this without food and pair it with something milder to totally appreciate this wine to it’s fullest! We paired it with a pork chop and it was a good combination albeit not the best. The dessert was a chocolate brownie and again it went ok but not fabulous.

From the LBCO web site:
CHÂTEAU SAINT-NICOLAS 2006 VINTAGES 138602 | 750 mL bottle Price: $ 18.95
Wine, Red Wine, 12.5% Alcohol/Vol.

Sugar Content : XD

Made in: Bordeaux, France By: Diva Sarl

Release Date: Jan 23, 2010

A Gold Medal winner at the 2008 Concours de Bordeaux – Vins d’Aquitaine.

Tasting Note
This is principally Merlot, and the aromas and flavours ably bear that out. Cherry, plum, oak and berries dominate. Dry and rather lush with supple tannins for balance. This medium-bodied wine will please both admirers of the European or New World style of wine. Enjoy it with roast beef or veal tenderloin. (VINTAGES panel, May 2009)

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