Insolia suliccenti 2008 igt

I had this wine at Terroni’s the other day. They tend to have a good selection of wines by the glass and rotate them through. As usual they are not available in the LCBO. The server informed me this wine is a blend of a Chard and a Sauv Blanc and based on tastes that sounds right. The wine is quite golden in color, similar to a chard. On the nose there are some lovely mild chard smells … On the mid pallet you get the sweet, slightly buttery chard flavors. On the finish the tartness of the Sauv blanc comes through. A bit later you can taste some of the chard. This is an interesting experience. The two tastes are not all that harmonious in nature. Perhaps with time they might integrate better. While I would not say the flavors were fighting, I couldn’t actually say they were complementing each other as well. Overall a very interesting experience. It reminded me of a couple of the chard in Prince Edward county that got some minerality and tartness from the terroir of the county! I would give this an 88-89.

This wine is from Italy and is an IGT (Super Tuscan).

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