When you pick a name for a wine that is “catchy” it can cause some people to grab it, and others to leave it. Catchy to one, is irritating to another. I find this one of those. I know the general idea but was insulted by the name. Like it’s trying to appeal to my male side, since all North American men are obsessed with nudity 🙂 Ok enough of that … Back to the wine … So I have not tried any of the “Naked” wines. I was at Jack Astors having there Three cheese peppercorn rigatoni. I have found in the past a buttery chard and a creamy sauce don’t get along well, so a Sauv Blanc was in order. Add to that, I had not tried this one and it was my immediate choice. Niagara make some nice Sauv Blancs so there is a chance for this one …

For those of you that are regular readers you know I’ve been on a bit of a roll with decent Sauv Blancs and this one adds to that group! Oops gave away the punch line didn’t I 🙂

In the glass the wine is pale as one would expect. The wine is varietal Sauv Blanc on the nose albeit a bit mild. Usual grassy, lemony smells. On the mid pallet is a slightly tart Sauv Blanc with some grassyness but not overwhelming. On the finish it is on the lighter side of medium. There is a bit of texture to the wine as well. This is not a watery wine at all. There is little sugar to the wine and it’s actually a little “zesty”. Somewhat smooth and somewhat refined. For the price this is quite a bargain. I will have to try some more yum. I would give it an 88 or so.

From the LCBO web site:
Price: $ 9.45 Limited Time Offer Was: $ 10.45 Now: $ 9.45 Save: $ 1.00 Until Nov 8, 2009
Wine, White Wine, 11.7% Alcohol/Vol. Sugar Content : 1
Made in: Ontario, Canada
By: Vincor International Inc

Tasting Note
Pale straw with aromas of lemon lime and apple. Like flavours with fruity apple pear flavors.

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