Eight wine bar take two

We stopped on by Eight wine bar again. Here’s my review from the first time. They feature 20 wines by the glass every Friday for $3 for a 3 ounce tasting their recommended size.

Last time around we were totally spoiled by Jason who took lots of time to talk to us, discuss the wines and generally show a passion for what he/they were doing.

This time around, unfortunately, the restaurant was booked for a large birthday party and we were relegated to the bar area as well as rushed out. I had even called to check if they were still doing the wine tastings and was told they were with no mention of the large party. I was not impressed. It’s good this was the second time, because if this was the first there would not have been a second 🙂

We arrived around 5:30 or so and already they were down to about 10 wines and they went fast. When one bottle is drank dry they stop serving it. We ate dinner there and again the food was alright but nothing amazing, maybe 2.5/5 stars for me.

Being relegated to the bar meant we had only the bartender to serve us. And while she was pleasant enough, she was by no means chatty and seemed to have little wine knowledge. It seems Jason is the only one there (at least the two times we have been) that has in depth knowledge of the wines. A shame. I like the idea of what they are doing.

In this venue I took some brief notes as well as pics of the bottles. The place is dark and the iPhone camera sucks so the pics are only so so, but then your not here to look at pictures are you. So consider these mini reviews of the wines. Most are not in the LCBO unfortunately.

Terre di chieti Pinot grigio 2007
Slightly bitter finish, some oak flavor 87
might be this one, can’t be sure

Strong apple flavor, and reasonably long not bad at all! 88. Not in the LCBO unfortunately. I would consider this the second best wine of the evening.

Norman hardie Pinot noir
We tasted this one at the winery in our visit and really didn’t like it. This time we got some mild dill on mid pallet, reasonable finish 88. It tasted much better this time, perhaps at the winery it was too young. Still wouldn’t be jumping out to grab one. Not in the LCBO.

7deadly zin 2007 Check LCBO stock $24.95
Lovely varietal zin not Jammy at all. Quite nice 89

Mission Hill Merlot 2006
Quite reasonable, varietal merlot with a slighlty bitter finish typical of Okanagan finish 89. Not in the LCBO.

Prospect winery Shiraz 2006
Really good, nice finish, only a little pepper. More of a syrah than a shiraz in style. There are even some cab flavors yum! 91 This was the pick of the litter for the evening. Not in the LCBO

2006 Flor garanacha old vines
Strong oak flavor, med fruit. Quite dry builds, 88. Not in the LCBO
More about the wine

Villa pilo 2006
Strong oak med finish some fruit 88
Sangiovese cab merlot blend
The winery

Mastroleo Negroamaro 2005
Strong Raisin, dried fruit flavor. 87 (not my tastes)

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