Sandbanks Winery (Winery visit in Prince Edward County)

This write up is from our trip this summer to the Prince Edward County area. See the entire article at my Prince Edward County trip blog

Sandbanks winery at the LCBO

Sanbanks winery

2007 Waves Red $14.95
This is a blend of a Merlot and a Baco. Merlot is another of those grapes I really like to be varietal. You can actually taste Merlot flavors in this wine! It is quite dark in color, mild on the nose, typical plummy flavors on the mid pallet and slightly tart on the finish. All in all quite nice for the price. We bought 1 of these.

2008 Baco Noir $14.95 Check LCBO Stock

This has the typical sweet cassis flavors I came to expect from County Bacos. Quite fruit forward. Flavors remind me of a concord grape juice. We bought 1 of these.

2007 Baco Noir Reserve $24.95
This wine is quite a bit darker in color. It has spent more time in oak than the non-reserve (I forgot how long). The wine is noticeably drier, smoorther with a nicer bouquet.

2007 Foch $19.95
This is a Marechal Foch . This is a light easy drinking, slightly fruit wine. They refer to it as rustic. I guess it has those qualities. We bought 1 of these.

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