Counry Cider Company and Fool on the Hill wines (Winery visit in Prince Edward County)

This write up is from our trip this summer to the Prince Edward County area. See the entire article at my Prince Edward County trip blog

County Cider and Fool on the Hill

We stopped on by the County Cider Company. They are doing lots of interesting things with cider from a light bubbly cider to infusing some Niagara grown peahces to adding wild raspberry and cranberries. One the more interesting things is an iced cider where they let the apples freeze on the tree just like ice wine and then make ice cider out of it. They end up with a 24% dessert wine that is not as sweet or thick as ice wine. Quite interesting. A number of their ciders are available at the LCBO.

They also make wine here under the new name Fool on the Hill. None of these are available at the LCBO.
Seems no one was lining up to buy wines under the name County Cider company. Who knew? I asked who the fool
was, the declined to answer 🙂 Maybe it was me!

2008 Pinot gris $14.95
Lots of pink grapefruit flavors typical of County Pinot Gris’s with medium lenghth 87-88.

2007 oaked chard $19.95
this wine like the closson has some varietal chard flavors mixed in with some terroir tartness. I paired it with pizza on their lovely patio! When paired with food the tartness awakens he tastebuds and make the food taste better while the cheese took the edge off the tartness We bought 2 of these. 88

2008 Riesling $14.95
Slightly sweet light easy drinking wine, but nothing amazing either. 87

2006 Pinot noir $24.95
Typical Pinot bouquet, Light flavor typical of County Pinots with some oak and a mild finish. 87

2007 Cab franc $34.95
Medium bodied cab franc one of the better ones in the county. No where near as big as a Niagara ca franc.
Some nice varietal flavors with a medium length and some oak. We bought 1 of these. 88

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