2007 Lacey Baco Noir

We sampled this one on our recent visit to Prince Edward County. I am working on a write up of all the wines and wineries we visited while we were there. At Lacey they were only tasting one because they had sold out of everything else. Most of the wineries in this area are quite small. The region is growing fast and there are a number of quite different terroirs in the area. Like a number of the wineries in the area this one is not available in the LCBO. The price is $20

Here’s a list of some of the wineries in the area

This particular wine is a very young, very fruit forward Baco. We tasted a number of the Bacos in the area and they are similar. Quite sweet. The color was a deep inky black. There was a slight dill smell off the wine. The wine has a very light finish. The alcohol is quite well integrated. As a whole it reminded my quite a lot of the deep fruit flavors that come from Welches grape juice. This wine might improve with aging but I doubt it. I would give this wine an 87 or so …

Stay tuned for more wines from “The County”.

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