2006 Two Hands Bella’s Garden Shiraz (Barossa)

With our recent trip to Barossa firmly in my head this evening as I plan for a work trip to the land down under, I decided I needed to try at least one bottle that we picked up in Oz. I jumped into the cellar (well mentally I did) and came out with this offering from the Two Hands vineyard. The vineyard itself remains a pleasant memory, funky, pleasant people with an incredibly vast knowledge of wine and of course their vineyards. As we traveled the countryside we were consistently told to visit this winery, and we are so pleased we did. The land of Shiraz, Barossa is very much the crown jewel of Australian wine production. While other regions produce equally, if not better wines, Shiraz’s from Barossa are known around the world and help the Aussie wine industry get more and more exposure. It is these smaller producers that really help make the name stay with their attention to detail and tremendous wines. On to the tasting!

This deep purple coloured wine will instantly grab your breath with it’s fruit nose. Cherry and raspberries are immediately there and ready to be tasted. A few swirls only add to the bouquet and if you like bold reds you are ready to jump in. The first few sips did not stop the berry sensations, but you will note that the tannins, despite it’s nose and youth are quite even, neither dominating, nor disappearing. The fruit eventually gives way to tobacco and chocolate hints with an undertone of spices. This well balanced wine is young, there is no mistake about it, you will be amply rewarded with better patience then ours. Of note as well is the alcohol content, at 15.5% this is one of the more intoxicating wines you will encounter on the shelves, but should not hurt your experience. If you can find it, it is still available in certain stores in Ontario at a price of $66 and I highly recommend grabbing a bottle if you are a shiraz fan.

The CWGSR is 91 out of 100.

Mrs CWG says

You better bring back another bottle!

PS: If you are in the Sydney area and want to grab a glass of wine next week, feel free to contact me via the contact page, cheers!


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