We were Ottawa for the weekend and stopped by Vittoria Trattoria . Right in the Byward Market this Italian restaurant has an impressive wine list. They have a number by the glass, 1/2 litre, half bottle and full bottle. They have wines of a number of different styles, from a number of different countries. You could close your eyes and imagine this being a wine bar, but instead it actually is a fine restaurant. I would love to find a place just like this in Toronto! Looking around the choices I decided I wanted to try something I had not had before. Always risky, but sometimes rewarding. For some odd reason I ruled out the $1500 bottle 🙂 Seems my lottery ticket has still not provided me with my desired income. Of course we all know lottery tickets are simply voluntary taxation. I bet you thought this was going to be a wine review. I do digress 🙂

Dinner was chosen as surf and turn for me and veal marsala for my GF. So a bigger wine is in order. After perusing the wine menu for a good 10 minutes, discussing it with my GF and shoeing off the attentive waitress a number of times we had made a choice. By the way, sometimes, if you are in a fine restaurant the best thing you can do is ask if they have a Somelier. If they do ask for some suggestions. You can tell a somelier because they wear a pin on their lapel which is a bunch of grapes.

Ok, without further ado onto the review … So we chose a Chianti. I was a little hesitant because it was not an IGT and was not a Classico Superior. My knowledge of Italian wines is a little on the lighter side as well so I did not recognize the winery. But the price was reasonable $35, so heh why not 🙂

The wine was lovely right on the first sip. Lovely deep purple colors with a nice bouquet. The wine has a lovely bit of complexity to it and quite a bit of dryness. This is a big wine that builds on the pallet. Not Shiraz big, but big none the less. The flavors are of deep cherries and the tannins are well in check. The review says the tannins are velvety and I would agree. The oak is there but well under control. The alcohol at 12.7% was also well under control and well integrated. The wine went well with the meal, though, I really appreciated the deep layers of the wine most without food. This is a well made wine at a bargain price. I will definitely be grabbing more of these. We asked for a decanter but you won’t be needing it. I would say this is a 90-91!!

From the LCBO web site:
GABBIANO CHIANTI LCBO 78006 | 750 mL bottle

Price: $ 13.95 Value Added Promotion 750 mL bottle comes with FREE Knight Bottle Topper until Jun 20, 2009 or while supplies last!

Wine, Red Wine, 12.7% Alcohol/Vol.

Made in: Tuscany, Italy By: Foster’S Wine Estates Americas

Tasting Note
Medium ruby red colour; aromas of red cherry, dried herbs, nuanced by vanilla notes; dry, medium-bodied, velvety tannins, displaying flavours of liquorice, spice and red cherries on the finish.

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