2006 Chateau de Davenay Montagny 1er Cru

A recent white Burgundy release by LCBO/Vintages, this showed up (shockingly) at the Market (St Lawrence) shop. I plucked one off the shelf on Friday with the view at drinking right away. At $26.95 this is not exactly a bargain white, but it is still a good price for a 1er Cru. The literature about Montagny is limited so you must dive into the Cote Chalonnaise reading to get more information on the small area within this sub-region. The large Michel Picard group owns this vineyard and has an informative website which allows you to drill down to see details such as terroir and cellaring notes. Instead of condensing their notes I will simply jump right into tasting notes and thoughts.

With a vibrant golden yellow colour and green apple nose this wine looks the Burgundy part. After a good swirl or two and the initial sips you will notice the acidity right away, something that is common from Montagny. The apple gives way to pear and pineapple and the balance is even. While acidic, this is still a very palatable white. Despite this wine having gone through malolactic fermention there is none of the buttery velvety texture that is common with many Chardonnays made in similar fashion. This is a brisk, clean wine with good fruit and hints of mineralization. I would imagine that a couple of more years in the bottle would further compliment this offering. I’d recommend 2 to 5 while the wine-maker says 3 to 10 from bottling. Overall this is a good release and holds true to the regions typical wines. Think poultry and white fishes as a nice compliment/pairing.

The CWG Subjective Rating is 88 put of 100.

Mrs CWG & Bacchus say

woof woof woof (I enjoyed this)



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