NV Bethany Old Quarry Tawny Port

I thought I’d talk/write about a port today. We picked this up in the fall of 2008 during our trip through Australian wine country. Bethany is a small village in South Australia (SA), in the heart of the Barossa Valley. As part of our trek from winery to restaurant to winery (it was rough, trust me) we constantly asked the same question “In Barossa, can you give us a few smaller wineries to visit that produce top quality wines”. Without fail a few names kept coming up and one of those was Bethany Wines. The day we went there was a typical SA day, dry and hot, and by the time we rolled into the winery it was stop number four. Old, steeped in family tradition, Bethany reeked of small town, place next door. The lady at the tasting bar would probably have looked more at home at a quilting bee then a winery. We tried the whole range of Bethany wines that day and walked away with their Gr9 Shiraz, an Old Quarry Fronti white port and of course the non-vintage (NV) Old Quarry Tawny Port we are reviewing today.

Unlike most reviews this will not get a rating or detailed tasting notes, but more of an opinion. I love port and all sorts, deeper chewier ones, single vintage specialties, true tawnies and simply just interesting thrown together ones. Generally with a port you will get something that compliments nuts and stronger pungent cheeses and is sure to please the palate after a nice dinner and a few glasses of wine. This tawny is enjoyable, nutty with hints of raisins. With an even body and good flavour it is sure to please but will not overwhelm. We grabbed one of these as we enjoyed it at the tasting bar, and for the price it was hard to top (roughly $19aus if I remember correctly). Will this blow away a Madeira? No, but it will none the less satisfy any lover of fortified wine.

I am off traveling again tomorrow, I will probably be absent for the next few days, till I return, sip well!



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