Henry of Pelham Pinot Noir 2007

Niagara reds are always working hard to tame the harsh tannins and strong terroir flavors that dominate the reds. Pinot Noirs, Burgurndies for example are generally smooth, elegant wines. So Niagara has challenges when it comes to Pinot Noirs. Top that off with the fact that Pinot Noir is known as the bad boy of red grapes because it is so hard to grow well. That said there are a few that are quite good. My favorite is (and still is) the Flat Rock gravity Pinot Noir (which you can get at the LCBO as well as at the winery).

Back to this wine. I opened it early just to be sure there was enough time to breath it if needed (the reputation of Niagara reds needing lots of breathing time precedes this wine!). On initial opening I see typical garnet shades. Bouquet is a little light but seems pretty Pinotish. So far so good. On first taste I definitely get the typical varietal Pinot Noir flavors but I also get a slight bit of bitterness, an iron taste and some taste I couldn’t place that interfered with the wine. I let it bottle breath for a bit and then decanted it 1/2 hour before. This helped a little but the iron flavor was still there for me. My dinner mate said she tasted grassy weedyness. Not sure I got that but we were both struggling to place a taste that did not belong. The finish on the wine was on the lighter side of medium. This wine is good, but not excellent. If had to give it a number I would give it an 88-89. Quite well done! I did not find it anywhere near as complex or long on the finish as winecurrent did … We paired it with a striploin steak and it went well!

From Winecurrent.com:
Henry of Pelham Pinot Noir 2007 VQA Niagara Peninsula. 13% alcohol Rich and elegant this top drawer Pinot from the fabulous a07 vintage opens with complex aromas of wild berry exotic spice and earthy tones. The palate is treated to wave after wave of well-balanced fruit flavour with ripe pomegranate tangy cranberry and juicy black raspberry to the fore. Medium bodied and silky smooth the finish is lengthy and luxurious. Gorgeous sipped on its own it pairs perfectly with marinated grilled flank steak. (VH) (13904) $16.95 Featured 5/23/2009. 4.5/5 stars

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