Back in Engineering (surely by now you have figured out I am an Engineer by how I write :)) school we were taught “don’t let what you know get in the way of what you don’t know”. I find myself in continuous need of a reminder of this adage. This wine has smacked me in the head yet again. My personal bias says why bother with a Cab/Merlot. The Merlot will just be overwhelmed by the cab and the only purpose to the Merlot will be to soften an edgy cab. Well, was I wrong. This wine is deep purple in color with a pleasant bouquet. This is not a California style cab with the sweet deep cassis flavors. Instead what you have here is a classic Aussie, slightly peppery, slightly oakey cab. Some nice fruit flavors with traditional cab as well as Merlot flavors being present. Yes you can actually taste Merlot. In fact, the taster’s notes from the LCBO web site actually mention plum, that tell tale flavor that tells me this is a varietal Merlot. This is actually not a bad wine at all. Quite enjoyable especially with a bit of breathing (I would recommend 1/2 hour decanting). With the breathing the pepperyness dies down so you can appreciate the fruits better. The alcohol is pretty well integrated as well. The finish is on the lighter side of medium. I would give this a solid 88/89 which for $24.95 is no bargain but I did appreciate the wine anyway …

Welcome back Brett!

From the LCBO web site:

Price: $ 24.95 Wine, Red Wine, 13.5% Alcohol/Vol.
Sugar Content : XD

Made in: South Australia, Australia By: Mildara Blass Limited
Release Date: May 23, 2009

Always an exceptional value, this Cab/Merlot is also a critic’s pick. This standout has made the cut–not once but twice–for Wine Spectator’s annual Top 100 list! Expect more sweet swings with this version. Aromas of blackcurrants, mint and toasty oak lead to lovely currant and plum flavours with hints of cedar and toast. Serve it with grilled steak or lamb burgers and you’ve got yourself a hole-in-one.

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