It has been a bit since I posted, and I do have to thank John for picking up my slack. For those that are not aware I often travel for work, well in the past two months it has been a great deal more travel then has been expected. On top of that, there has been more work at home, between getting our amazing condo for sale (cry) and with a puppy on route (see below). With that said I am going to try and get back into a habit of jotting down tasting notes as I can. Currently I am having a 2005 Peter Lehmann (of Barossa) Shiraz that while may have a 91 rating from Wine Spectator Online, has me wishing I was drinking some of my friend’s basement wine. Despite a lackluster wine with below average fruit, below average structure and overall a below average experience, the view and weather is stunning, so I will leave you with a few things. First is a picture of the soon to come home Bacchus, an amazing blue Great Dane from Dantry Danes. Second is a picture of the skyline as I write this, almost enough to make you fall in love with Toronto! And lastly a link to our Condo listing, because if I cannot use this to self advertise, then what can I do??!!


Our Condo


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