Eating in Paris, part 4

Nothing is sadder then rounding up a trip in Paris, but really vacations are no more then escapes from everyday life and, after all, reality awaits everyone eventually. Here are a few more eating ideas in Paris that will suit everyone on any budget:

If you are looking for a great lunching opportunity then head to the Marais, in particular rue Vieille du Temple in the 4th. The street is probably my most favorite to walk down as it has an abundance of small shops, bistrots and brasseries. In the middle of once was exclusively the Jewish quarter it is now a true area of contrast being it is both the jewish and gay/lesbian district of Paris now. As you head up this great street from Rivoli, hang a right onto rue des Rosiers and welcome to a little falafel heaven, Chez Marianne’s. While actually on rue Hospitalières St Gervais, there is no doubt the lineup on a sunny day will stretch out onto Rosiers. Head inside right away and buy your tickets at cash, then head back out to wait for the ultimate in take out dining (oh and save 1 euro in the process). If you are like Mrs CWG you will be sure to have 3 or 4 dill pickles that tempt you at the take out stand, I am more partial to the hot peppers.

If you do not want falafel then head over to the Latin Quarter, aka the fifth and head to the famous ‘Mouf for some good ‘ol galettes (similar to a crêpe but cooked only on one side). Rue Mouffetard has a great many places that do galette and crêpes but my favorite is run by a couple of greek men (name of the place is something Greek), one of which can only be described as large nosed. Go with Jambon Fromage and you will not be disapointed. Then again, you can pretty much get a crêpe anywhere in Paris at street vendors, so when in doubt indulge in the Breton delicacy!

If you are looking for a cheap eats in Paris, one which will force you to chat with your neighbours and drink wine from a baby bottle, then look no further then the infamous Refuges des Fondues in the 18th. Just in the shadow of Sacré-Coeur lies this little gem popular with locals and the hosteling youth of the world. A throw back to the dirty old frenchmen days, chairs are pulled out slightly and women and helped over the communal table to sit on the bench while the rest of the crowd onlooks. Here you get two choices, ‘fromage ou viande?’ and ‘rouge ou blanc?’, and then you sit back and enjoy what may be the most entertaining non dinner-show you will ever experience. Even on the coldest of nights outside you will end up sweating and laughing till you can not eat any more fondue. The wine is very passable and if you can get over your Oedipus complex issues the baby bottle experience is actually fun. While not fine dining by any stretch you may end up putting this on your must do list for return visits.

Lastly, if you are looking for a place to go spend a few hours in the evening, listen to some good stories and music make a trek to the 6th and the dive bar known as ‘Le Dix’. Named after it’s number on the rue de l’Odéon, this sangria bar’s not lost it’s flair despite the recent changes to smoking inside bars/restaurants. Still lively with the student literary crowd you are sure to have at least a good time watching the people and sipping the easy going-down red concoction. If your french is decent, be sure to talk to the friendly barkeep Jean-Luc about politics, music or his ‘jardin’. A great little throw back to an earlier Paris hang-out bar.

Mrs CWG and I have returned and I will photograph and glaze over our wine purchases from our anniversary adventure, till then sip well!



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