Eating in Paris, part 2

Paris is a huge melting pot of people and cultures, with this comes culinary delights from many nations. on night three we chose to head off to our favorite Moroccan restaurant, Le 404 in the 3ieme. Just north of the ever busy Les Halles area, walking into the dark cave like restaurant will blast your senses with spices and a consistent hum of voices and music.

Always packed, this restaurant will test the average North Americans personal space limits with it’s cramped tables. Once you have wedged yourselves in, start with the house mojitos and your journey is well on it’s way. Mrs CWG, not having had every piece of duck in France yet, dove into the apple/cinnamon canard tangine. I went with a lamb and prunes tangine that rivaled the Mrs. for quality and enjoyment.

As for the wine, do not be shy and try some North African reds that are featured here. We went with the 2007 Les Trois Domaines (Maroc) recommended to us by our neighbouring table and were rewarded with an intense fruit forward wine with a good balance and hint of spice. We finished off with some house tea poured into our tiny cups from a meter above to finish off a wonderful evening with panache. A great dining experience we recommend to all.


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