CWG’s Sabbatical OVER!

Well sort of! I am back from a longer then usual business trip and with a few pictures and comments to fill the blank space until a new review. Here we go:


Had these three wines the night before I left. Quickly: The Trius was below average, not what I expected from them, Thirty Bench disapointed all of us with a rather average Chardonnay, Arrowood impressed us to the point that Mrs CWG is demanding I bring back some on the next trip to California. In fact, the 2005 Sonoma County Chardonnay was outstanding and rates a 90+ from this wino.


Where the heck can you find wine in Canada for less then two 2L bottles of Coke? I did not venture to try any of the Oak Lead offerings, but worst case I guess you could distill it …


Let’s see 11.95 or 4.97? Quite a price difference for us Canucks, not that I recommend buying Yellow Tail Shiraz.


Had this nice inexpensive Malbec out with friends in Yuma, Az. Good tannins and structure, I think if you had the patience the Ique Malbec would reward you.


This interlude brought to you by Chimay on tap at Sogno DiVino in San Diego. Not wine but extremely yummy none the less!

and Lastly, this is the best present to come home to:



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