2001 Taja Reserva

Opened this Spanish wine up a few nights ago thinking it was probably ready to go. We have had this in the cellar for at least 2 years and I was hoping to take an inexpensive red with potential for complexity and allow it some time to sort itself out. I am not the biggest fan of Spanish reds as I find that despite the low price (for the most part) I am often left with a rough chewy experience. This wine is a blend that often gets good reviews and is called one of the better “bang for the buck” out of Spain. Bordeaux producer Mähler-Besse is behind this wine and they produce three different tiers of wine from this Spanish operation: Taja, Taja Reserva and Taja Gran Reserva. The grapes behind the Reserva are Monastrell (Mourvedre), Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo and Merlot in a 50/20/20/10 split. The 2003 Reserva is currently retailing at $16.95 so I am sure this vintage tasted was in the similar price range. Of note though is the Gran for 2001 is only $22.95 and currently in stock, so something to think about (top end from this Vineyard for under $25). On to the tasting!

As we decanted this we got a light rusty colour coming out of the deep red and the nose was very soft. In fact there was little nose at all. Even with good swirling only hints of fruit and oak came out of this. Once we got into tasting it the subtle flavours came out. This wine spent 12 months in oak but it does not overwhelm this wine. Good spice, some berries and cherry are evident with an untone of earthiness showing up. Medium tannins with an even finish made this a very drinkable wine. Would I buy more? No, but I would go out and get the Gran of the same vintage and give it a go since this little brother was quite decent. This is a good blend that does not blow you away or disappoint. Try the 2001 Taja Gran Reserva and send me some feedback.

The CWG Subjective rating is 87 out of 100

Mrs CWG says

“I was expecting a bit more out of this, but it was drinkable!”



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