Buon Appetito – San Diego

I am in transit back home through San Diego. This restaurant in Little Italy is outstanding. I hate being a creature of habit when I am in foreign cities but when you find a great restaurant why risk somewhere else disappointing you when all you want is great food and wine? So this at least my 5th time here, and I believe that is a conservative estimate.

Tonight I had sautéed calamari to start, excellent seafood linguini in white sauce and a few glasses of their 2002 La Velona, Brunello do Montalcino that they are featuring. As a Brunello fan this wine did not leave me hanging. It was well polished, balance with pleasant fruit. As with most Brunellos if your budget allows it, drink lots then even more. In a proper structured tasting this would definitely do well and put to rest that 2002 was a poor year for the area.

Well back to traveling!


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