Hello from 10,000 Meters!

Hello from 10,000 Meters!

On my way to Khabarovsk, Russia on an Asiana Airlines Airbus 320. Left Seoul on a remarkably warm 20 degree day (68 F for those stuck in the 19th century!) which is well above seasonable temperatures. Despite the warm temperatures Seoul was unusually pollution free, the yellow sand alert was low. Khabarovsk is suppose to be in the mid to high 20s for the next few days, which needless to say, is “wow”.

I decided to write this entry to talk about the two wines I have had on board this flight. First off is a 2004 Givry 1er Cru, Celliers aux Moines. This Southern Burgundy was outstanding, good nose, nice balance and solid finish. With a solid bouquet of red fruit (cherry, plum and a hint of strawberry) as well as underlying spice this Pinot was beyond enjoyable, if not for the next wine I’d have attempted to polish off a bottle or three (2h40 minutes does not lead itself to “polishing” anything!). The wine is ready to drink now and I’d imagine if you can find it the price would hover in the 40 to 60$ range. I will know more when i have the lovely web to guide me!

After such a nice Burgundy I decided to try the 20 year old Tawny Port. The Port Sandeman led to a complete meal, it has/had a solid balance with solid vanilla and light spices that went very well with the poor selection of cheeses. Note on that, Asiana has excellent meals but they could use some guidance on their “cheese” & port plate, Air Canada amazingly enough did a near perfect job on their cheese plate with a 10 year old Tawny to compliment it. This port is ready to drink now and will not improve with age, if you enjoy port then this is probably a good choice as I will guess at the price range (35 to 50$).

Overall this has been a nice short and delicious flight, yak at you all in short time.


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