2003 Trius Red

This will be my first attempt at blogging via my blackberry as the only method (aka write and post from berry). Simply put, I am traveling so much these days that doing reviews has become nearly impossible. So when I have wine I will do my best to blog it, and I will fill in the blanks (pictures, LCBO info) at a later date. As well, I will do my best to check spelling, but if my accuracy stinks from time to time, just be sure to chalk it up to excess wine!

On to the tasting!

The Trius reds have been on my must drink list for awhile. A good blend of the principle Bordeaux grapes, this specialty-winery of the Canadian giant Hillebrand already produces several great wines (Trius Brut (nv) for one). Inky red in colour with an excellent bouquet of cinnamon, cherry and oak this wine from an average vintage started off well. With the solid start, the wine was a nice and chewy but not overly tanniny. For an ’03 this was surprisingly ready to drink now. A nice even finish with a good hint of pepper.

Of the Canadian reds I have had recently, this is up there. I am giving it a well deserved 87
Mrs.CWG says

“I am glad we have a few bottles of this left”

LCBO info to follow.

Ps: you will end up seeing a dspam message, ignore it!

EDIT: LCBO # is: 303800, $19.95 (they do not state a vintage year, which means ’03 may no longer be available, unsure why there is no year attached to their listing)

Trius Red


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