2005 Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio (Valdadige DOC)

This 2005 came to the CWG household via a housewarming gift. The kind fellow brought this plus one for himself (you may say he is the best sort of guest, non?) and proceeded to enjoy the Italian white with much passion. Once placed into the cellar this wine has sat untouched … TILL NOW!! I will be very brief this evening as I am running out of internal gas. On to the tasting!

This is a straw coloured white that while young is at the perfect age to drink. On the nose right away is a solid aroma of apple. The initial slurps yields more of the green apple with a hint of peach. Continuing on lent more of the same with a soft finish (which was expected). After a glass I ended up getting a hint of pear and lemon. Needless to say this wine brings out a solid amount of fruit and with a soft finish lends itself to lighter dinners, appetizers or aperitif style drinking. For a hot summer night you will not be hard pressed to serve this chilled to guests as it will be both refreshing and pleasant; that said, I’d avoid having 2 or more all by itself as you may be overwhelmed by the fruit. If you were looking for dinner suggestions to go along with this I’d look at a pasta with a light sauce (avoid cream based), a lemon pepper chicken or a nice cedar plank salmon.

While a solid white I am not sold entirely on, for that it gets an 85.
Mrs.CWG for once is quiet (might have something to do with being in Europe.)

2005 Santa Margherita Pinot Grigio


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