2004 Chateau de Seguin (Bordeaux-Supérieur)

Anyone who knows the CWG knows that I have a great love for Bordeaux wines. Not sure when it occurred but somewhere in my upbringing I felt that to be a red wine of stature the wine had to be from the Bordeaux region of France. Obviously that is not the case, but the region still provides brilliant wines, year in year out (though some may argue the early 90s should be excluded from that statement). Maybe one of the things I love best about Reds from this region is you can find some real gems for decent prices. While some may be out buying into Bordeaux futures (I will explain the concept some other time) or plunk down obscene money for a bottle from a first growth, I am content with trying to find an excellent producer that will give a nice complex wine with a lovely touch and finish. I am sure those that return to read this blog will see a consistent smattering of Bordeaux’s, for this I will not excuse myself!!

On to the wine, Chateau de Seguin is a vineyard just slightly ease of the city of Bordeaux in the Entre-Deux-Mers region (see map below). Seguin produces a solid Bordeaux-Supérieur that comes in, even at a frugal person’s budget, quite reasonably (I think it was in the 16 to 18$ range if memory serves me correct). The wine itself can probably sit for 3 to 6 more years to mature but as I bought two bottles there was no reason to wait on one of them. Opening the wine revealed a lovely hint of black cherry. The wine ended up being smooth with distinctive aromas of cherry, raspberry and a solid hint of oak (not surprising). The wine was surprising robust and pleasantly chewy, something I was not expecting for the price and the youth. This wine will be a nice compliment to a spicy meal or nice steak, maybe with a nice mushroom sauce.

Solid wine, it gets an 86.
Mrs.CWG says

“very smooth”

2004 Chateau de Seguin (Bordeaux-Supérieur)

Map of Bordeaux Region


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