2004 Domaine La Baraniere from Chusclan Les Vigerons

Let’s start with this little wine from Gard in the Languedoc Roussillon region of France. For those not familiar with the region, the city of Nîmes is the largest city in the department (Regions are broken down into departments) and the area finds itself just slightly north and west of the famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape. This little gem was recently release in Ontario in the vintages section of the LCBO. The wine is a blend of Grenache and Syrah in equal proportions and despite being only an ’04 is ready to drink now. The 2004 vintage for the middle/northern Rhône is proving to be much better then previous believed. This wine in question is well balanced, fruity and is a nice compliment. I will add better more complex tasting notes in the future going forward, for now this will have to do! Figure on this being excellent with a mild-medium seasoned pork tenderloin, chops, or good roasted/grilled chicken. Excellent for those trying to avoid a complex oaky Bordeaux style blend.

To get the rating system underway, I want to use a % scale, with 100 being out of this world amazing, 70 being absolute plonk (anything under would be used as paint thinner), and everything else in between based on how the wine works for me, it’s cost/value and the intangibles that I could only explain to you in a drunken stuper while talking towards one of you potted plants!

This gets an 86
Mrs.CWG says

“nice wine I’d have again”

2004 Domaine La Baraniere (Chusclan Les Vigerons)


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